The Liebster Award.

imageI would like to thank the lovely Hannah from velvetwaves for nominating me. I am very new to this blogging thing and a total noob so this is reassuring that I’m not do in everything wrong so thank you again Hannah 🙂

The rules of this award are:

1. Tag the person who nominated you

2. Answer the questions that are stated on your nominations blog

3. Make up your own 11 questions for your nominees to answer

4. Nominate 11 people

5. Notify all of your nominees through their blogs or on social media

Let the questions commence:

1. What is your favourite season? I love winter because hot chocolate and cosy nights in are my favourite things. I also love spring because it is such a gorgeous time of the year.

2. If you could only shop in one shop, which would it be? Probably H&M because I can spend hours in there without spending £10,000 which is always a bonus, also they have amazing shoes.

3. Last song you played? The last song I played was ‘Punky reggae party’ by Bob Marley.

4. What are three things you like about yourself? umm I quite like my eyes and my hair 🙂 I like the fact I am my own person if that counts? This is a really difficult question aha.

5. If you only had one day left to live what would you do? I would gather all my friends and family and we would all go the bead or a place where it is snowy.

6. Sweets or chocolate? Oh no I love both but I think chocolate has a slight edge because yummm.

7. What is the worst fashion phase you have been through? I’m not that drastic when it comes to changing my style but I remember when I was younger I would have this slight obsession with stripy tights which most of the time clashed with everything so that was a pretty rough patch in my fashion history.

8. Do you have a favourite Youtuber? this is so difficult it’s like choosing between children but I love Alfie from pointlessblog, Grace Helbig, MirandaSings and so many more it would take me years to list them 🙂

9. Phone or Laptop? I tend to use my iPad more than both of these but if I had to choose it would probably be phone. I now feel really guilty on behalf of the laptops, sorry laptops!

10. Heels or flats? Deffinetly flats, I look like a deranged penguin when I walk in heels which is not very good seeing as I already have a walk similar to that of a deranged penguin…

11. Favourite tv show? I have two go to TV shows that I watch all the time and they are Parks and Recreation and of course Friends. I am guilty of binge watching both of them for hours on end…


1. What is your favourite food?

2. What do you want to do when you’re older?

3. Fashion or Beauty?

4. If you could pick one thing to do for the rest of your life what would it be?

5. Favourite book genre?

                                                                        6. Favourite high street shop?

7. Any guilty pleasures, if so what are they?

8. Describe three things that you like about yourself?

9. Favourite kind of weather?

10. If you were stuck in one week of your life forever which week would you choose and why?

11. Most embarrassing moment ever?

I would like to nominate the beautiful Taylor, Maya, flowercrownsandblackclothes, Elora, Frier, Maddison, Tami and anyone else who would like to find new blogs because I can’t think of 11 people 🙂 x


How to be Happy.


Emotions are thrown around so much mainly because they can change so quickly, especially if you are a teenager or pregnant the first of which I am diagnosed with the second one nonono not so much. People can say “I’m sad, I’m happy and I’m angry” all within the space of a few minutes which if you start to think about it is quite scary really but it also fascinating. I’m not sure where I’m going to go with this blogpost or what the motive is (blame history for that word, I swear I have heard ‘motive’ close to 200 times) but I wanted to think out loud dammit I’m now singing ed sheeran

1. As obvious it may sound, smile. It doesn’t matter if you are just sat on your bed and there is not anything funny, smiling releases certain chemicals into your body which are scientifically prove to make you feel better, so smile all day everyday except don because your cheeks would hurt so much after that 😂

2. Do something you enjoy doing. Whether it is a hobby or sport, watching a certain film/tv series or just a small thing that will make you feel better. Personally when I need cheering up I will make myself a hot chocolate, get cosy in bed and go on YouTube to watch sometimes the strangest things ever but it makes me happy 🙂

3. People you love. Call a friend, talk to your family, anything like that will make you feel better. If you feel as if you have no-one to talk to you will be surprised how much better just a short conversation with someone you know or don’t know will make you feel.

4.  Exercise. Now for me personally this is a kind of NO PLEASE DONT MAKE ME DO EXERCISE but it is good for you and again like the smiling it is scientifically proven to make you feel better. So even if you have a similar phobia of exercise it’s worth just walking or some sort of gentle exercise because it will make you feel good.

5. Your favourite food. Now this is the part where all the fitness people come screaming DONT EAT YOUR FEELINGS and they are half right because you have to be careful how much and make sure you don’t rely on food to cheer you up, but eating your favourite food will make you feel better and as long as you don’t eat a truck you won’t suddenly ballon to a human bouncy castle.

6. Remember how lucky you are. I thought this was a nice one to end on because no matter how sad you are you are incredibly lucky to be alive in this century. If you are reading this you must have an internet connection, a home and everyone I think every so often needs to stop and just count all the things you are grateful for. Me and one of my closest friends did this about a week ago and it makes you think differently because we all do have really great lives and things do get so much better.

And that concludes this post 🙂 Thank you for reading if you managed to get this far well done and goodnight

Caitlin x

New Year, Old me but better.

I know I am a bit late to this but I have decided that I am going to write a post about my New Years resolutions. This is not going to be “I am going to be completely different person” because I don’t think that is what these goals  are about.  They are achievable challenges that we can set ourselves in hope to become a happier/better person. N’awww wasn’t that deep I realise I ruined the deepness by saying that but shhh it doesn’t matter

1. Calm down. I struggle with getting very panicky and stressed and I want to just relax this year and not stress about pointless little things.

2. Don‘t take everything too serious. smile like it’s going out of style and make sure I laugh at least once a day (it’s good for your health, actually it is, look it up)

3. Be nicer. I  to be nicer. Giving to the homeless, doing little good deeds randomly. Ya know that kind of thing that you always want to do but never actually do.

4. Text better.  is quite a specific one because I suck at texting. I’m a teenage girl I should be like a texting wizard but I have some sort of phobia of phones and can’t communicate without failing miserably when I can’t see their face. It’s a serious problem. I need help.

5. Last but not least Go to sleep child. I would like to get more sleep and go to bed earlier because 1 is not good for a person. I was going to say a person who has to get up early but actually it’s just not good for a person.

And that concludes my belated, very vague and quite cliche New Years resolutions <— that was a lovely way to describe my own post… I should consider an advertising job. Thank you very much for reading 🙂 goodnight ximage


  • Dun dun Dunn. Patterns send fear down any persons spine but don’t worry you will never have to ask if something clashes again because it can be good. In this post I am going to list some ‘rules’ and guidelines of patterns. However, please please don’t think this means you are not allowed to break these guidelines because that is not the purpose of this; these are simply for people wanting some help because they are in fear of knocking people out with the many patterns of their clothes or ending up like some sort of optical illusion… Although optical illusions are great and I have no problems with them but it’s always good for a human not to morph into one 🙂

1. Different sizes of the same or similar pattern. This trick is great for new ‘patterners’ that was terrible I am very sorry It still gives your outfit the wow factor but helps make the overall look more united and linked rather than EVERYBODY FOR THEMSELVES. An example of this is Scarlett Johannson wearing a larger black and white check print pencil skirt with a smaller version of the pattern in her top.image

2. Treat stripes and polka dots like a plain fabric. This is also a great way to start out in mixing patterns. By pairing a large floral print with smaller black and white strip you can create a timeless and effortlessly stunning outfit. The woman in the picture below show how amazing the stripes and floral pairing can look.

imageV3. Colours are your friend. Another way of making sure your patterns will work is colour. If you pick a pattern with a dominant colour or any sort of colour in it use that to your advantage and it is your tool to pair fabrics together. This woman has paired lots of fabrics which wouldn’t normally go together but it works because of the colour similarities. The olive and earthier tones help unite the outfit and make it look phenomenal.

imageNow that concludes my first fashion post and my little list of a few things to keep in mind when pairing patterns and a little guidance for new ‘patterners’ I’m sorry I did it again do you get it’s like partners but not ahh it’s the worst pun I have ever heard but I did it twice.

Anyways, thank you for reading as always goodnight 🙂 x



It is currently midnight and I am not 100% sure what I am doing, but I would like to welcome you to my blog. I am very aware that this is probably not the best way to start this off (deliriously drunk on tiredness and very confused as to how this works) and that I should probably get some sleep blah blah. BUT this blogpost serves a purpose, which is to say/ask you to please not take this as an example for what is to come because I promise every blogpost from now will be glamorous and full of photos (basically a work of art hopefully.) Now I am also realising how utterly pointless this post is but it’s not I swear. I see this particularly raw piece of text done early in the morning as a sort of really crappy window into what I am hoping for this blog so you have this to look inside through the really mucky glass and the broken frame of this to see hopefully the kind of nice house inside. Aww wasn’t that metaphoric and slightly less useful as I initially thought… Nevermind. I would now like to end this by saying thank you to any person who reads this whether it one person or ten for taking the time to battle through my nonsense. So welcome to my blog one and all, goodnight 🙂 ximage